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Faculties. Leiden University has 7 faculties, which are responsible for the principal tasks of the University, providing education and performing research: Archaeology Undergraduate School (in Dutch) Graduate School; Campus The Hague; Humanities. Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts; Leiden University Centre for Linguistic Faculties. There are different ways in which the faculties of Leiden University keep in touch with their alumni. Alumnimeetings are being organised throughout the year. Several different alumni associations are also active. More information for alumni regarding the specific faculties can be found on the faculty website to be accessed by. Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON) International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS

Leiden University has seven faculties: Archaeology, Governance & Global Affairs, Humanities, Leiden University Medical Centre, Law, Social & Behavioural Sciences and Science. Some faculties have locations in both Leiden and The Hague. In addition there is the interfaculty Graduate School of Teachin Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML

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  1. Leiden University, The Netherlands, was founded in 1575 and is one of Europe's leading international research universities. It has seven faculties in the arts, sciences and social sciences, spread over locations in Leiden and The Hague. The University has over 6,500 staff members and 26,900 student
  2. Leiden University offers more than 100 graduate programs leading to either MA, MSc, MPhil, or LLM degrees. The MPhil is the most advanced graduate degree and is awarded by select departments of the university (mostly in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences, Archeology, Philosophy, and Theology)
  3. istration of the Faculty. The Executive Board has delegated authority to the Faculty Board with respect to personnel
  4. istration, political science, law, sociology and economics
  5. Faculties; Campus The Hague; Alumni; Library; Home; Vacancies; Function type. Academic staff Non-academic staff PhD positions Faculty. Archaeology Humanities Medicine/LUMC Governance and Global Affairs Law Social and Behavioural Sciences Science Interfaculty Institutes. African Studies Centre Leiden Honours Academy Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching International Institute for Asian.

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  1. Two cities: one university. Leiden University is located in two exciting student cities: Leiden and The Hague. In addition to the 7 faculties each having their own main faculty building with lots of services, cafeterias and cafes, the university enjoys a student center in each location: Plexus Student Center in Leiden and the Beehive Student Center in The Hague
  2. Website for employees of Leiden University. Topics include terms of employment, allowances and IT services. You can also find announcements, news and manuals
  3. The Faculty of Humanities is one of seven faculties of Leiden University. Faculty Board and Office. The Faculty is headed by the Faculty Board, assisted by the Faculty Office. Institutes. Research within the Faculty is organised in academic institutes. Programmes. The Faculty offers 26 bachelor's and 27 master's programmes. For each programme there is an overview of the lecturers. Committees.
  4. Faculty track. All faculties offer a 30 EC programme. You can deepen and broaden your knowledge by following an Honours College track either at the faculty where you are doing your bachelor or at a different faculty. All English-taught tracks can be followed by students from all faculties. The three Dutch-taught tracks (Bèta and Life Science.
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  6. Considering studying at Leiden University? Take a virtual tour and explore the beautiful and historical university city of Leiden or make a virtual trip through The Hague: the international city of peace, justice and security. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discover these cities favourites. Experience Leiden and The Hague if you have visited us in person
  7. Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs | 6,242 followers on LinkedIn. Welcome to the Linkedin page of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, one of the seven faculties.

Faculty and study programme regulations. At faculty and study programme level there are various regulations in place to ensure that everything runs as it should. For example, there are thesis and faculty regulations, as well as rules and guidelines on assessments, exams, degree classifications and plagiarism. General. Humanities From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Leiden Law School is the law school, and one of the seven faculties, of Leiden University. Teaching and research in the school take place across campuses in Leiden and The Hague in the Netherlands. Instruction in law began with the university's founding in 1575 End-of-year bonus. You are entitled to an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% of your annual income up to a minimum of € 2250 (based on full-time employment and a full working year). The end-of-year bonus is paid out in December. If your contract begins or ends in the middle of the year, your end-of-year bonus will be adjusted pro rata

Campus The Hague is an institution for university education and scientific research of Leiden University, located in The Hague. It was founded in 1998 as a partnership between the university and the municipality of The Hague, and is based in several buildings in the city. The faculties at Campus The Hague focus on politics, public administration and international law. Education. Six of the. The International Office of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA IO) was set up in September 2018 to advise the Faculty, Institute of Public Administration, Institute of Security and Global Affairs, and Leiden University College The Hague on all matters related to the internationalization of education

Discover the world at the Faculty of Humanities. In this era of globalisation, humanities are more important than ever. Migration, integration, trade, and technology are blurring the borders. Considering studying Archaeology at Leiden University? Take a virtual tour and explore the faculty building. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discov.. Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs is at Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. May 13 at 1:58 AM · The Hague, Netherlands · Valerie Sticher is the first FGGA PhD student to receive her doctorate cum laude!

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The university has a large campus in The Hague, which represents six of the seven faculties and is home to international studies, faculty of governance and global affairs, sciences and liberal arts. The university in total has 29 research institutes based in Leiden and The Hague. Also, the university is all equipped with a range of facilities to support students with their studies. It maintains Do you frequently send e-mails to a group of people outside the university? Then you can apply for an e-mail distribution list. The e-mail address of a distribution list appears in bold in your Outlook address list under the name of your faculty or unit. By sending an e-mail to this distribution list, you will be sending it to all the list members

University & faculty councils and programme bodies. University elections. University elections. Parties. Stand for election. Voting. Local Consultative Committee . Local Consultative Committee. Leiden Assessors Committee (LAssO) Leiden Assessors Committee (LAssO) Funds. Leiden University Student Platform. LUS. Study spaces You can find a quiet place to study, with or without a computer, in the. Faculty Board: the Faculty Boards of the Faculty of Science of Leiden University and the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology take joint decisions on the structuring of the programme, and for the purpose of the programme are considered as one Faculty Board; p. [Final examination examen]: the examinations [tentamens] associated with the components. Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands. 5,467 likes · 30 talking about this · 1,247 were here. Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global..

Leiden Law School is the law school, and one of the seven faculties, of Leiden University.Teaching and research in the school take place across campuses in Leiden and The Hague in the Netherlands.. Instruction in law began with the university's founding in 1575. Alongside the disciplines of theology and medicine, it was considered a 'higher' faculty of great importance Scholarly Publications Leiden University. The Scholarly Publications repository of Leiden University contains publications by scholars from Leiden University and institutes affiliated to the university. Where possible the publications have been made freely accessible (Open Access). The repositories are divided into collections for various domains

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  1. Leiden University is located in two exciting student cities: Leiden and The Hague. In addition to the 7 faculties each having their own main faculty building with lots of services, cafeterias and cafes, the university enjoys a student center in each location: Plexus Student Center in Leiden and the Beehive Student Center in The Hague. In addition we have the University Sports Center in Leiden
  2. Faculty. Archaeology Humanities Medicine/LUMC Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching International Institute for Asian Studies Filter. Academy Building Rapenburg 73 2311 GJ Leiden Directions. Anna van Buerenplein Anna van Buerenplein 301 2595 DG.
  3. Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands, founded in 1575. Our motto is: Praesidium Libertatis (Bastion of Liberty) - Freedom of spirit, thought and expression. Leiden University has a campus in Leiden and The Hague, with 7 faculties, 47 Bachelor Programmes, 79 Master Programmes and nearly 30,000 students
  4. Leiden University's student website gives you quick and easy access to all the information you need about your study programme. By selecting your programme when logging in, you can view information that is relevant to you
  5. Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities (Wijhaven building) College & University in The Hague, Netherlands. Open Now. Community See All. 18 people like this. 20 people follow this. 54 check-ins. About See All. Turfmarkt 99 (4,822.41 mi) The Hague, Netherlands, Get Directions. Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities Location +31 70 800 9500. College & University. Hours 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM.
  6. Welcome to the YouTube channel of the Faculty of Science of Leiden University. Our Faculty is internationally orientated and offers a wide range of high quality science bachelor's, master's and.

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  1. Leiden University Libraries (UBL) is an internationally recognised research library with world-class collections and advanced services for education and research. The UBL provides these scholarly information services as a trusted partner in knowledge for researchers, teachers and students. We creat
  2. Faculty of Law. European Law is a one-year Master's specialisation at the internationally renowned Leiden Law School at Leiden University. The programme distinguishes itself by its multidisciplinary approach, covering substantive and institutional EU law as well as economic law and human rights within a EU perspective
  3. g to Leiden and The Hague, advising Leiden students who want to study abroad, and managing scholarships for both Leiden students who are going to study abroad and international students who.
  4. Faculties. The University of Copenhagen is divided into six faculties, which are subdivided into departments and research centres. Below you will find links to the faculty websites. Get an overview of all the departments and centres here

At the beginning of the 20th century the old archives of Leiden University were transferred from the Academy Building to the University Library: first the archives of the Senate and of the Board of Governors; some years later those of the Faculties followed. In the 1930s finding aids of these archives (running up to 1877) were compiled in the State Archives in The Hague. In later years various. Digitalization Research Cluster @ Leiden University We are a group of scholars in the CADS Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences, working on issues related to the digitalization of culture, society, and scholarship.This is where we will host our digital projects. Our Missio Founded by Leiden University Library and the Faculties of Arts, Theology and Philosophy (now the Faculty of Humanities) on the occasion of the 425th anniversary of Leiden University in June 2000, the Scaliger Institute aims to stimulate and facilitate the use of the Special Collections of Leiden University Library in both teaching and research. To this purpose, the Institute offers favourable. Faculties / Science. 17 Media; 23:27. VM Informatica Les 4 final. VM Informatica Les 4 final. From Merel van der Weide on 25-Feb-2020, 15:32 GMT+1. 0 0 likes | 501 501 plays | 0 . VM Informatica Les 4 final voor BA Informatica . 18:32. VM Informatica Les 3 final. VM Informatica Les 3 final. From Merel van der Weide on 25-Feb-2020, 15:29 GMT+1. 0 0 likes | 574 574 plays | 0 . VM Informatica Les. The Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) is a student-led 'think-tank' composed of eight members, seven representatives of each Faculty and a Chair. The LUS discusses a wide variety of topics concerning students, such as student well-being or interdisciplinarity. A core role of the LUS is to obtain input from fellow students. Several times a year, the LUS organises meetings for all.

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Leiden Science - Universiteit Leiden | 6,474 followers on LinkedIn. We are science since 1815 | The Leiden Faculty of Science is home to a strong confident research community. Ambition, team. Faculty of Humanities. The Master's programme in Arts and Culture (research) at Leiden University is unique in offering a two-year programme that integrates art history and theory with literary studies and media studies. Read more. Institution Profile Video (s) Student Profile (s) On Campus Full Time. More Details Leiden University Medical Center (Dutch: Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum) or LUMC is the university hospital affiliated with Leiden University, of which it forms the medical faculty.It is located in Leiden, Netherlands. LUMC is a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care Leiden, Netherlands Leiden University Welcome to the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Leiden University's newest faculty, located in The Hague. 9 Bachelor Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs | 6.827 Follower auf LinkedIn Welcome to the Linkedin page of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, one of the seven faculties of Leiden University. Firmly rooted in the academic tradition, our students and researchers work together with national and international partners on new insights and solutions to current issues at.

The Faculty of Law is one of the founding faculties of the University. The closeness of economics and the social sciences is underscored by their shared location on the Bergheim Campus. Law (Ger) Economics and Social Sciences; Behavioural and Cultural Studies; Medicine. There are two medical faculties at Heidelberg University. The high standard of research and training combines with a highly. Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences (DE) Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences Faculties. ICLON - Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching. How to's; Lerarenopleiding (voorlichting) Continuous Learning Institute; Higher Education Development; Professional Development for Teachers; Teacher Education Programme; Archaeology. Archaeological Heritage and Society; Archaeological Sciences; World Archaeology; Governance and.

UAS Leiden is a university of applied sciences. We offer Bachelor's and Master's programmes, minors and (post-graduate) courses and we perform applied research in a variety of domains ranging from healthcare and social work to economics, and from technology to education. Our education is focused on competencies, offers freedom of choice and challenges students to realise their potential. We. Science & Society. The FSW Honours College offers you an interactive Honours track, alongside your regular bachelor's degree programme. The Science & Society track connects theory and practice. As part of this track, you will learn how to apply your scientific knowledge to solving social issues. You will also pay a lot of attention to your.

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  1. Researchers and students at the Faculty of Science are fascinated by every aspect of how the world works, be it elementary particles, the birth of the universe or the functioning of the brain. With education and research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, logic and computer science, we are fully immersed in the entire spectrum of the sciences
  2. ation of knowledge in our discipline, and to shape that discipline as we do so. Our discipline is the art-turned-science of converting molecular understanding into products and processes that benefit mankind, using a healthy dose of chemistry.
  3. Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research 2 people. Leiden Asia Centre 1 person | 22 documents. Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia 1 person | 25 documents. Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS) 61 people | 790 documents. Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science 22 people | 67 documents
  4. Mehr von Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen? oder. Neues Konto erstellen. Jetzt nicht. Ähnliche Seiten. Prospective Students - University of Groningen. Hochschule und Universität. Leiden Model United Nations Foundation. Hochschule und Universität. Science Students University of Groningen . Hochschule und Universität. Ride for.

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Mehr von Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen? oder. Neues Konto erstellen. Jetzt nicht. Ähnliche Seiten. Leiden Model United Nations Foundation. Hochschule und Universität. Science Students University of Groningen. Hochschule und Universität. UvA International Student Ambassadors . Hochschule und Universität. Amsterdam University. 23 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Leiden University, Netherlands. Leiden University is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands. Founded in 1575 by William, Prince of Orange. it is the oldest institution of higher education in the Netherlands. PhD candidate for the project Anchoring Innovation in the New

Courses. Working effectively Speed reading for PhDs 25 May 2021 | Multiple start dates Research Writing an excellent research grant proposal for PhDs and postdocs 25 May 2021 | Multiple start dates | Multiple session Faculties / LUMC - Medicine (Leiden University Medical Center) 7 Media; 11:40. Werkvormen voor blended learning. Werkvormen voor blended learning. From Riedstra A.W. LUMC on 10-Oct-2019, 17:02 GMT+2. 0 0 likes | 248 248 plays | 0 . In deze video over online en face to face werkvormen wordt een beeld gegeven van de mogelijkheden van blended onderwijs. Hierdoor krijg je als docent zicht op de. Education. Six of the seven faculties of the university are active in The Hague. [citation needed] The faculty Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) is exclusively located in The Hague, as are Leiden University College and International Studies.[citation needed]Campus The Hague offers courses on several areas, including public administration, international law, politics and government The Leiden Ranking provides information exclusively about the research done at universities. Research is represented in publications, and carefully collected data about these publications forms the basis for the Leiden Ranking. This basis also ensures the independence of the Leiden Ranking, since there is no reliance on data submitted by the universities themselves. Finally, because. My University. Log in to access My University and the password-protected areas. My University is your personal, protected area on the website. Once you are logged in, you can subscribe to individual websites and news channels in this area. Username Password Lost credentials? Sign in. Search; Faculties and departments . University Faculties and departments. Faculties and departments. Here.

Lund University has nine faculties, with In the Leiden Ranking for 2017, Lund University was ranked 84th in the world. It is the most popular university in Sweden for international applicants and was ranked as the 40th most international university in the world by Times Higher in 2021. The QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2020 places Lund in the top 50 in the following subjects. Prix de la République Française The Prix de la République Française honours work from all faculties at the University of Bonn that demonstrates a special knowledge of and interest in France. de en Unifest Events. Unifest The Bonn University Festival With the University Festival in 2005, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität took on a pioneering role in honoring its graduates. It. Read how our students and faculty are changing our world through recent findings and discoveries. Accreditations . Learn how our University has maintained accreditation worldwide since 1925. News & Events. Highlights from the Netherlands. News. Human Rights Tour of Universities at Webster Leiden Campus. May 27, 2021. News. Scholarship Spotlight: Planning to 'make the world a better place. Faculties, Research Centers and other Academic Units. The University of Bonn has structured its academic activities in faculties since its foundation in 1818. Rich in tradition, the work of our seven faculties is supplemented by academic units with strong research profiles. Find out about them here The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2021 offers important insights into the scientific performance of over 1200 major universities worldwide. Select your preferred indicators, generate results, and explore the performance of universities

Discover the different types of collaboration offered at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Examples here include internships, graduation assignments, programme-specific projects and collaboration with our expertise centres. Work with us. Student life. What do students do in The Hague, Delft and Zoetermeer when not attending classes? Get to know your university town. Our stories. 14. Leiden University Rankings. Leiden University is ranked #86 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence Leiden University and most research funders require a data management plan (DMP) before the start of a new research project. The aim of this workshop is to help you write your DMP. We will provide you with guidance and support to help you answer the questions that are commonly addressed in a data management plan: what kind of data will you be collecting, where will you store your data, with.

FdA Faculty Board and office Staff website; Courses; Theme. Career development Communication Didactics Diversity ICT Language Leadership Management Outreach Personal development Research Working effectively Targetgroup. Guest Lecturer Non-academic staff PhD candidate Postdoctoral researcher Researcher Superior Method. One to one coaching Programme Team coaching Training course Workshop e. Considering studying at the Faculty of Science? Take a virtual tour and explore the faculty building. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discover the f.. The City of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have produced a development plan for the area between the Amstel and the Hoogstraat. This includes the University Quarter (UQ), which will undergo a UvA and AUAS repel cyber attack. The UVA and AUAS were the targets of a major cyber attack in February and March 2021. This cyber attack did not lead to system failures, hijacking or.

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands.It was founded in 1575 and has since evolved to become a world-famous centre of science and research. Leiden University boasts seven faculties and more than 150 undergraduate and 250 master's programmes and has approximately 30,000 students (120 nationalities) and 6,700 staff members Netherlands: Leiden University Faculty PhD PostDoc Scientist Europe, Netherlands May 12, 2021 All Disciplines - Engineering and Technology - Humanities and Arts - Natural Sciences - Social Sciences. University of Leiden: 06 PhD positions. Position 1: PhD Candidate. 21-200. Social and Behavioural Sciences, Psychology. Position 2: PhD candidate in the field of Intelligence and Security. 21-195. The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen offers several, one-year LLM programmes, all fully taught in English, and has the top rated LLMs in international law in the Netherlands (Keuzegids Higher Education Guide 2016 - 2019). The Faculty has existed ever since the founding of the university in 1614 and has a long standing tradition of legal and academic excellence. On top of this. Leider existiert für diese Seite keine Übersetzung. Sie können entweder diese Nachricht schließen und damit auf dieser Seite bleiben oder sich die nächstübersetzte Elternseite anzeigen lassen In Leiden, this rotating chair is located at the Faculties of Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Governance and Global Affairs, and Law. Its sphere of activity will be directed by Isabelle Duyvesteyn, Professor of International Studies and Global History. The new Owada chair and associated activities are funded in part by the Leiden University Fund (LUF) and several other parties

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51.000 inspiring alumni of the University of Twente (UT) live all over the world. That is the alumni network of the University of Twente. All of these former students are working on high-impact projects at fascinating organisations. You can listen to their stories about the impact their studies and other decisions influenced their careers Media in category Faculty of Leiden University. The following 73 files are in this category, out of 73 total. Aelius-Everhard-Vorstius 1.jpg 1,200 × 1,551; 104 KB. Amy Verdun 2018.jpg 2,683 × 3,211; 2.22 MB. ASdeBlecourt.jpg 334 × 463; 16 KB. B.C. Damsteegt in 1987.jpg 235 × 370; 29 KB. Barend4.jpg 250 × 333; 63 KB

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Discover the world at the Faculty of Humanities.In this era of globalisation, humanities are more important than ever. Migration, integration, trade, and tec.. Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON) Beijaard, D.; Meijer, P.C.; Verloop, N. (2004) Reconsidering research on teachers' professional identity Article / Letter to editor All authors Beijaard, D.; Meijer, P.C.; Verloop, N. Date 2004 Journal Teaching and Teacher Education Volume 20 Pages 107 - 128 ©2020-2021 Leiden University A service provided by Leiden University Libraries. This year, we celebrate our 385th birthday. Watch our Lustrum programme. Our students appreciate the many options available within our 154 Master's programmes. Every year, more than 600 Utrecht PhD candidates obtain their doctorate. With over 35,000 students we are one of the largest Dutch universities Philipps-Universität Marburg Biegenstraße 10 35037 Marburg +49 6421 28-20 Studifon +49 6421 28-22222 +49 6421 28-22500 info@uni-marburg.de. Contact & Service. service navigation and social media. Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Instagram; Current events (GER) Home Legal. Leiden University | 1.733 Follower auf LinkedIn Archaeological research, education and events at Leiden University. The Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University is the only archaeology faculty in the Netherlands. Its independence makes it possible to pursue an efficient and stimulating policy in the fields of education and research, and to take advantage of new developments

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I finally chose the University of Groningen as I found out that it is one of the best-ranked universities, especially in the department of Psychology. After coming to Groningen, I fell in love with the city due to such a diverse culture and full of young and vibrant people who are open to people from very different cultures like myself. Another thing that I love about the city is the amazing. Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Both at home and throughout Europe, FHML is one of the most renowned institutes of its kind. We stand for cutting edge research and education, and pride ourselves on rapidly incorporating the latest developments and insights, and methods into our programmes

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Considering studying at the Faculty of Law? Take a virtual tour and explore the faculty building. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discover the favou.. Considering studying at the Faculty of Humanities? Take a virtual tour and explore the faculty building. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discover th.. Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities | 2,225 followers on LinkedIn. At the Faculty of Humanities, you discover the world. | In this era of globalisation, humanities are more important than ever. Migration, integration, trade and technology are blurring the borders between countries and cultures. To be able to cooperate and live together, it is crucial that we understand each other

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They are following the successful example of collaboration between Leiden University Medical Center, the Leiden University Faculty of Science and Leiden Bio Science Park. This will ensure that the Netherlands continues to lead the way in international drug research. Leiden University . Share Facebook Twitter Google+ ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest Email. iednewsdesk 9107 posts 0 comments. Prev Post. Doctoral student in industrial electrical engineering (PA2021/2098) Doctoral student in Technology and Society with focus on railway research (PA2021/1257) Postdoctoral Fellow in digital marketing and retailing (PA2021/1723) Department of Business Administration, Lund University School of Economics and Management Leiden University, the Faculty of Science and the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) are looking for a Research Data Management Specialist / Data stewar On this page, you will find information on remote education for lecturers of the Faculty of Humanities. Keep an eye on this web page, we will regularly update it with useful information, invitations and answers to questions we are gradually collecting. Please note that this page is an addition to the Remote Teaching website of Leiden University. Updates. We offer a new service to have.

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The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) is one of the seven faculties of Leiden University and is based in The Hague. The FGGA is a young, enterprising and innovative organisation that is growing rapidly. The faculty has three scientific institutes, two centres, 3500 students and 330 staff members. For more information see the website of the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs. Faculty of Science - Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands. 372 likes · 280 were here. 'Excellence in Science Research and Education' remains our mission statement for the coming years, in line with.. Edwin van der Heide | Leiden University - Academia.edu. Posted: (52 years ago) Edwin van der Heide, Leiden University, LIACS Department, Faculty Member. Studies Music, Sound Art, and Computer Science. Edwin van der Heide is an artist, composer and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction

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