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Virtual GPU profiles determine the amount of frame buffer that can be allocated to your virtual machine. The vGPU profiles that are supported on NVIDIA GPU's with NVIDIA GRID software, are the 1B (with 1024 MB of frame buffer) and 2B (with 2048 MB of frame buffer) Each NVIDIA vGPU is analogous to a conventional GPU, having a fixed amount of GPU framebuffer, and one or more virtual display outputs or heads. The vGPU's framebuffer is allocated out of the physical GPU's framebuffer at the time the vGPU is created, and the vGPU retains exclusive use of that framebuffer until it is destroyed In einer von einer virtuellen NVIDIA-GPU gestützten VDI-Umgebung wird die Software für virtuelle NVIDIA-GPUs gemeinsam mit dem Hypervisor auf der Virtualisierungsebene installiert. Die virtuelle GPU-Software von NVIDIA erstellt virtuelle GPUs, die es jeder virtuellen Maschine (VM) ermöglichen, eine physische GPU auf dem Server gemeinsam zu nutzen oder mehrere GPUs einer einzigen VM zuzuordnen, um anspruchsvollste Workloads zu unterstützen. Die Virtualisierungssoftware von NVIDIA umfasst. To attach an NVIDIA vGPU profile to a virtual machine (VM), you must configure the VM hardware. The process for attaching an NVIDIA vGPU profile to a VM depends on the hypervisor that you are using You need to download the vGPU package which includes the vGPU Manager .vib and the driver that goes into the Guest (they are a matched pair) The drivers are on the download site and have been there since 12 March 2015, you have to select NVIDIA GRID vGPU as the Product Series in the search criteria and not leave it as GRID series

  1. Chapter 4. Installing the NVIDIA vGPU Software Graphics Driver.....78 4.1. Installing the NVIDIA vGPU Software Graphics Driver on Windows.....78 4.2. Installing the NVIDIA vGPU Software Graphics Driver on Linux.....80 4.3. Disabling the Wayland Display Server Protocol for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.....8
  2. g as vGPU profiles on single.
  3. NVIDIA vGPU software is the industry's most advanced technology for sharing true virtual GPU hardware acceleration between multiple users—without compromising the graphics experience. This virtualization technology ensures complete application compatibility, which means features and experience are the same as they would be on a physical device
  4. Using the frame buffer for the NVIDIA hardware-based H.264/HEVC video encoder (NVENC) may cause memory exhaustion with vGPU profiles that have 512 Mbytes or less of frame buffer. To reduce the possibility of memory exhaustion, NVENC is disabled on profiles that have 512 Mbytes or less of frame buffer. Application GPU acceleration remains fully supported and available for all profiles, including profiles with 512 MBytes or less of frame buffer. NVENC support from both Citrix and.

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  1. NVIDIA-Lösungen für virtuelle Grafikprozessoren (vGPU) bringen die Vorteile von NVIDIA-Grafikprozessoren, einschließlich der Ampere-Generation, zu virtuellen Desktops, Apps und Workstations, beschleunigen Grafiken und erstellen Berechnungen, um Kreativen sowie technischen Experten, die von zu Hause oder von unterwegs arbeiten, Zugriff auf virtualisierte Arbeitsplätze zu ermöglichen
  2. e the correct vGPU profile. The guidance in the following sections is based on testing by the NVIDIA GRID Performance Engineering team of different factors and their effect on frame buffer usage. The suggested steps for testing within your ow
  3. NVIDIA bietet für die unterschiedlichen Szenarien verschiedene vGPU Profile an, vom Office Anwender bis zum CAD Designer. Nachfolgend sind alle vGPU Profile für die NVIDIA Karten GRID K1/K2 und der Tesla M Serie aufgelistet, damit Sie schnell das passende Profil finden. Bitte beachten Sie bei den Tesla M Modellen die zusätzlich benötigte GRID Lizenz
  4. imum of 512 MB, this constitutes the smallest profile available. Sizingwise, this is the most interesting one, as it allows you a maximum number of desktops per Nvidia GRID graphics card. There is however a serious caveat when using Windows 10 in this combination, as it is quite vRAM hungry, especially when you use more than 1 monitor
  5. Guidance for NVIDIA GRID vGPU Sizing. While the 512MB (M10-0B) profile will work for some Windows 10 workloads, there are several factors that will increase frame buffer usage above the 512MB threshold and require a 1GB (M10-1B) profile to support. Based on testing done by the NVIDIA Performance Engineering team, we recommend that users that.

When you add a shared PCI device you will see NVIDIA GRID vGPU listed as it is the only option there. Below you will see another dropbox that will allow you to select the vGPU profile. The profile you select determines the number of displays/resolution and hence users on a host NVIDIA vGPU profiles provide an opportunity to address both. Profiles serve as a framework for allocating fixed share resources to each virtual machine (VM) from the total pool of memory available - all based on user needs. Profiles Dependency On GPU and License Editio Download the NVIDIA GRID vGPU Profile Sizing Guide for Windows 10 and learn best practices for improved user experience using Windows 10 in virtual environments

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  1. Wählen Sie das entsprechende GPU-Profil für Ihren Anwendungsfall aus. Informationen zu Größenrichtlinien finden Sie unter NVIDIA vGPU™ GRID Handbuch zur Bereitstellung für VMware Horizon 7.x auf VMware vSphere 6.7; Laden Sie das Installationspaket für den NVIDIA-Gasttreiber auf die VM herunter. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Version mit.
  2. Assign the vGPU Profile to a VM. The next step is the assignment of the vGPU profile to the VM within the vSphere Client, as we saw in Part 1. That vGPU profile choice associates the GPU Instance we created with the VM - and enables it to use that particular slice of the GPU hardware. The dialog for executing that assignment is seen here. In Edit Settings we hit Add New Device, choose the NVIDIA GRID vGPU PCI device type and pick the profile
  3. s can use Depth or Breadth mode to load balance the system. Depth mode lets you maximize the number of users on a single card

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No vGPU Profiles Available? Jump to solution. I'm working on helping a customer deploy NVIDIA M10 GPUs for their Horizon environment. I've installed the VIBs on the ESXi hosts and now I'm trying to add the shared PCI device to our Windows 10 base image with no luck. None of the graphics profiles show up when I try to add the new shared PCI device. Running NVIDIA-SMI from the shell shows the. •NVIDIA vGPU Software virtualizes an NVIDIA GPU to provide physical workstation user experience in a virtual environment •Able to allocate multiple VMs per GPU or multiple GPUs for a single VM •Enables users to use any device, anywhere and get physical workstation like performance •Centralized data on the server, secured in the data center, rather than client devices. Supermicro. NVIDIA GRID vGPU: 512MB profiles, Win 10, framebuffer - new support article I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the last month or so - a long vacation coupled with a slight role change - but also working on some internal support documentation around 512MB profiles which is now published

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rpm -q NVIDIA-vGPU-xenserver-Run nvidia-smi and verify that the two physical GPU's are listed. Attach a vGPU Profile to a Virtual Machine:-Launch XenCenter and connect to the XenServer 6.5 host where the M60 card is installed.-Find the virtual machine that will be used as the master image of your XenDesktop Machine Catalog It also supports hardware encoding on all NVIDIA supported vGPU profiles in Linux, which removes the legacy limitations on vGPU hardware encoding. In this article, we provide steps to use NVIDIA Pascal GPUs (Tesla P40) and hardware encoding on Linux HDX 3D Pro VDAs, as well as general troubleshooting tips. Instructions. How to use NVIDIA Pascal GPUs (Tesla P40) on Linux HDX 3D Pro VDAs Before. NVIDIA TE SL A P6 GPU ACCELERATOR OPTIMIZED FOR BLADE SERVERS TESLA P6 | DATA SHEET | AUG17 GPU 1 NVIDIA Pascal GPU CUDA Cores 2,048 Memory Size 16 GB GDDR5 H.264 1080p30 streams 24 Max vGPU instances 16 (1 GB Profile) vGPU Profiles 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB Form Factor MXM (blade servers) Power 90 W (70 W opt) Thermal Bare Boar vGPU Profile NVIDIA Windows Driver Version Notes Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x, 2018x, 2019x, 2020x, Platform on the cloud R740xd VMware vSphere 6.7u3 VMware Horizon 7.9 Windows 10 64-bit, 24 VM, 2 vCPU, GPU Utilization: 24:6 NVIDIA vGPU; Quadro vDWS 6 * T4 T4-4Q 431.79 More information available here Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x, 2018x, 2019x, 2020x, Platform on the cloud R730xd VMware vSphere 6. NVIDIA GRID vGPU profiles In any given enterprise, the needs of individual users vary widely. One of the main benefits of the GRID vGPU is the flexibility to use various vGPU profiles designed to serve the needs of different classes of end user s. Although the needs of end users can be diverse, for simplicity users can be grouped into the following categories: knowledge workers, designers, and.

Ensure that NVIDIA GRID vGPU is selected in the dropdown next to PCI Device; Expand the PCI device; Choose the appropriate profile for this vGPU; Note: Only profiles which end in B or Q are supported within a Linux VM. Profiles control the amount of GPU resources that are assigned to the vGPU. Install the Driver . Boot up the VM and ; Run the following command to install gcc and kernel. All NVIDIA vGPU software products with perpetual licenses must be purchased in conjunction with a four-year or five-year SUMS. A one-year SUMS is available only for renewals. For annual licenses, SUMS is bundled into the annual license cost. Download Pricing and Licensing Guide. Annual Enterprise Subscription. Annual subscription includes software license and NVIDIA Support, Update, and. The Q in the vGPU profile names mean NVIDIA vGPU Profiles undergo the same rigorous application certification process as NVIDIA's Quadro workstation-class processors and drivers, which insures that high performance virtual desktop graphics users get the same experience as they would expect from a physical workstation The NVIDIA GRID M60-0Q, is the same name as the GPU Profile that was selected when we reviewed the VM settings. Note: The vGPU Client drivers must be installed for the guest OS to recognize the vGPU card

Mit der NVIDIA GRID-Plattform lassen sich individuelle und hochskalierbare Grafikprofile erstellen. In Kombination mit dem Windows 10-Betriebssystem sind keine Zusatztools mehr notwendig, um Desktop-Virtualisierung zu ermöglichen. Das kostenlose Whitepaper NVIDIA GRID vGPU Profile Sizing for Windows 10 ist besonders für Power-User sowie. · Use a vGPU profile with support for the end-clients resolution (on the M60 / M6 cards many profiles now support 4K (up to 4096x2160) monitors) · If using a card such as the K2 where the maximum resolution supported in vGPU is 2560x1600, the customer may choose to use the card in passthrough/vDGA mode rather than for vGPU. Applicable. vGPU is supported on the NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 cards, with four vGPU profiles each. These vGPU profiles are resource profiles which you can assign to virtual desktops. Below is an overview of these profiles, which includes the resources and intended users: Important to note is that vGPU profiles have to be planned properly, because a single GPU. Dial B for Business - New vGPU profiles - Info online. The fury of a CTP at shoddy blog info! Yesterday I wrote a blog about the new NVIDIA GRID vGPU profiles such as the M60-1B that allow 4 monitors under the NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (vPC) product licensing, expanding the options and lowering the TCO to use shared GPU for 2D/office.

vGPU Profiles Supported: See the Virtual GPU Licensing Guide: NVENC | NVDEC: 4x | 8x (Includes AV1 Decode) Secure and Measured Boot with Hardware Root of Trust: Yes: NEBS Ready : Level 3: Designed for Accelerated VDI. Comes in a quad-GPU board design that's optimized for user density and, combined with NVIDIA vPC software, enables graphics-rich PCs accessible from anywhere. Superior User. Installed NVIDIA-vGPU-xenserver (v367.106) update package; Ran gpumodeswitch and confirmed that my card is set to graphics mode; Installed driver on Windows 10 VM; The issue is that when I go to the GPU options for a VM I have 2 options, None, or NVIDIA Corporation GM204GL [Tesla M60] GPUs What I should see are the different profiles available VMWARE HORIZON AND NVIDIA GRID VGPU FAQ | 3 Q. What is the maximum number of monitors supported? How many users can be supported on a single NVIDIA card? How much video memory can be allocated to users? A. Refer to the table below for these specifications: NVIDIA GRI Graphics Board Virtual GPU Profile Application Certifications Graphics Memory MAX Displays Per User MAX Resolution Per Display.

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NVIDIA vGPU Manager 418.66 for Citrix XenServer 7.0 & 7.1. If you have a NVIDIA M6, M10, M60, P4, P6, P40, P100 vGPU manager installed in Citrix XenServer. Upgrade with one of below methodology: Methodology 1 - the manual way No GUI Upgrading an existing installation of the NVIDIA vGPU driver on Citrix XenServer 7, use the rpm -U command to upgrade: If you have NVIDIA TESLA M6 / M10. After you license NVIDIA vGPU, the VM that is set up to use NVIDIA vGPU can run all DirectX (up to and including DirectX12 and DX12-Raytracing on Turing architecture cards), OpenGL & Vulkan graphics applications. If licensing is configured, the virtual machine (VM) obtains a license from the license server when a vGPU is booted on these GPUs. The VM retains the license until it is shut down. NVIDIA GRID vGPU - Fehlverhalten/ Black Screen / falsches Mausverhalten oft bei Verwendung mehrerer / zwei Monitore - Windows 10 Antwort ID 4273. SYMPTOME ODER FEHLER. Bei Verwendung einzelner, aber häufigerer Monitore mit Windows 10 AU (Anniversary Update) und GRID 4.0 / GRID 3.2. Das Problem ist nicht auf frühere Versionen von Win 10 anwendbar. Schwarze / leere Bildschirme können.

NVIDIA vGPU Information & Specifications. Users demand a better experience when using graphics-intensive applications. While it might be okay for a timecard form to load slightly slowly, it's not acceptable for a video to jitter. Between the options of throwing more CPU at the problem or taking the vGPU route, the answer is obvious. And that's is why we're seeing a rapid adoption of vGPU. vGPU also utilizes profiles to control each VM's access to the resources on the video card; they determine the amount of video RAM, number of monitors, and max resolution for each VM. Figure 1 , from NVIDIA , outlines the different profiles and number of VMs that each profile can support per card The vGPU profiles can be found in the NVIDIA vGPU User Guide. This is shown in the following example of a function call requesting the results of a grid_p40-2q vGPU profile: vGPUSystemCapacity grid_p40-2q 200. Invalid vGPU profiles do not cause errors, so if you were to pass the function a value of ColdPizza for a vGPU card type the function will return a 0 value as the system. The NVIDIA GRID vGPU user guide (pages 4-7) provides more detail on this topic. The maximums of what each instance can use are dictated by the profile assigned to each Physical GPU. NVIDIA incorporates a scheduler which can introduce a small overall hit on performance (again, think CPU sharing in a hypervisor for a good analogy). Field experience and real live production implementations. vGPU utilizes profiles to allocate graphics resources to VMs. These profiles control the amount of RAM allocated to each VM, the maximum number of monitors, and, ultimately, the maximum number of users per GRID card. Profiles are assigned per physical GPU on the card, so it's possible to have multiple profiles running on a card. [Click on image for larger view.] Figure 1. For an NVIDIA GRID K1.

Windows 10 boot loop with vGPU-Profile. we recently made a new windows 10 maschine catalog with mcs and NVIDIA Grid vGPU profiles (P4-1Q or P4-2Q or P4-4Q or P4-8Q tested). The rolled out clones show at windows start first Getting devices ready, then Getting devices ready: 50%. Then it freezes and the clone starts again // nvidia-vgpu-mgr expects this value for a vGPU capable GPU. var DEV_TYPE_VGPU_CAPABLE = uint64(3); // When ioctl returns success (retval >= 0) but sets the status value of // the arg structure to 3 then nvidia-vgpud will sleep for a bit (first // 0.1s then 1s then 10s) then issue the same ioctl call again until the // status differs from 3. NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ vGPU Details & Profiles Performance and Scaling . Citrix XenServer NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU Virtual Machine Guest OS NVIDIA Driver XenDesktop Apps NVIDIA GPU GRID Channels MMU Virtual GPU Manager HDX / ICA State Graphics Commands Per-VM Dedicate Channel Per-VM Dedicate Channel Per-VM Dedicate Channel Per-VM Dedicated . Card Physical GPUs Virtual GPU Use Case Frame Buffer. Quick Tip: Disable memory warnings on VMs with NVIDIA GPU profiles. July 7, 2020. When using PCI passthrough devices such as for example NVIDIA GPUs with VMware vSphere and configure the VMs with a GPU profile, the full memory is reserved (100% Memory Active). When the VM is active, a red Virtual Machine memory usage alarm is displayed in. The combination of Dell servers, NVIDIA vGPU technology and NVIDIA GRID cards enable high-end graphics users to experience high fidelity graphics quality and performance, for their favorite applications at a reasonable cost. The NVIDIA K1 and K2 cards utilize the NVIDIA Kepler architecture which allows for hardware virtualization of the GPU. So, not only can multiple users share a single GPU.

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GPU: Nvidia GRID K2. Hypervisor: ESXI 6.7 U3. I installed the GRID card and had successfully installed what i thought was the proper driver, however it was the host driver which turns out is not what i needed to enable vgpu profiles The NVIDIA vGPU driver (#369.4) was used in the VM. We configured the vGPU profiles as M60-1Q, M60-2Q, M60-4Q, or M60-8Q for different runs. We used this VM as the primary one from which we made linked clones so that we could run the 3D CAD benchmark at scale with 1, 2, 4, , 24 VMs running 3D CAD simultaneously. The software configurations used for the 3D CAD workload are shown in Table 2. NVIDIA vGPU technology brings the power of NVIDIA 1x NVIDIA Tesla M10 32 Users1 with 1B Profile 32 GRID vPC Licenses Advanced VDI: For general purpose VDI with multi monitor support on Windows 10 and engineers who work in 2D design workload. Ultra 2U 2029U/6029U With up to 24x DIMM And up to 24x Storages 2x up to 28C/56T CPUs 2x NVIDIA Tesla M10 32 Users1 with 2B Profile2 2 x 4k or 4 x HD. NVIDIA GRID - RDSH licensing (including XenApp) I've had a few questions about what licensing is needed under the GRID 2.0 and up software licensing for the M60/M10/M6 GPUs for RDSH solutions such as XenApp. I think the confusion arises because it's possible to use a number of GPU/vGPU different profiles for a server OS VM

vGPU Properties — Gain insight into the properties of a vGPU profile, such as name, number of displays supported, maximum resolution supported, frame buffer size, current license status and more. Utilization Reports — For an active vGPU/virtual machine, these metrics report average 3D engine, frame buffer, encode engine and decode engine utilization since the last monitoring cycle. Key to. NVIDIA TE SL A P40 GPU ACCELERATOR TESLA P40 | DATA SHEET | AUG17 GPU 1 NVIDIA Pascal GPU CUDA Cores 3,840 Memory Size 24 GB GDDR5 H.264 1080p30 streams 24 Max vGPU instances 24 (1 GB Profile) vGPU Profiles 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 24 GB Form Factor PCIe 3.0 Dual Slot (rack servers) Power 250 W Thermal Passiv vGPU profiles allow the GPU hardware to be time-sliced to deliver exceptional shared virtualized graphics performance (Figure 1). Figure 1. NVIDIA GRID vGPU GPU system architecture. Cisco Unified Computing System. Cisco UCS is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, networking, and storage access. The platform, optimized for virtual environments, is designed using open.

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NVIDIA T4 1GB vGPU Profile. Launch Excel (test spreadsheet) 16 seconds. 8 sec. 6 sec. 2 sec. A recent 2020 side-by-side comparison of NVIDIA M10 vs. T4 performance with Citrix 7.15 LTSR on Windows 10 demonstrates the improvement vGPU can add to general Microsoft Excel performance. However, computational performance will not directly improve purely off the addition of vGPU. There may be some. NVIDIA GRID vGPU ermöglicht die gemeinsame Nutzung echter GPU-Hardware-beschleunigung auf mehreren virtuellen Desktops - ohne Beeinträchtigung des Grafikerlebnisses. Anwendungsfunktionen und Kompatibilität unterscheiden sich nicht von einem physischen Desktop. Bei der GRID vGPU-Technologie werden die Grafikbefehle einer virtuellen Maschine ohne Umweg über den Hypervisor direkt an die GPU. Last week, NVIDIA released an update for the vGPU driver and manager (also described on The Citrix Blog). Besides bug fixes, this release introduces 3 new vGPU profiles, 1 new profile for the GRID K2 card (K280Q) and 2 new profiles for the GRID K1 card (K160Q and K180Q). Card Profile Frame buffer Virtual display [

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The new vGPU profile will be displayed in XenCenter and XenDesktop Studio. Note: See CTX132791 - How to Apply a XenServer Hotfix Using the Command Line for more information about how to update a XenServer single host or pool. On all the vGPU virtual machines, update the NVIDIA Windows drivers for vGPU, version 332.83 NVIDIA Grid vGPU M10 performance issues with PCOIP protocol (high GPU utilization) We have been working on implementing M10 vGPUs in our VMware environment and have been experiencing performance issues. We worked with NVIDIA to verify that the environment is setup correctly. Here is quick bullet point list for the environment Virtual GPU Profile Graphics Memory... NVIDIA Grid vGPU on Nutanix - Enterprise Cloud ??XenServer Virtual GPU Profile Graphics Memory... Date post: 03-Apr-2018: Category: Documents: View: 230 times: Download: 4 times: Download for free Report this document. Share this document with a friend. Transcript: NVIDIA Grid vGPU onNutanix. Nutanix Solution Note. Version 1.1 February 2017 SN-2046. NVIDIA vGPU software 12 is supported until January 2022. NVIDIA vGPU software 12 is a new-feature branch support. If you are looking for Long-Term support branch latest release is 11.x or 8.x. I this article, I am also covering which Public Cloud instance is available with NVIDIA GPUs and which license is BYO or provided by the public cloud provider such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Alibaba. For a list.

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vGPU Support: NVIDIA Virtual PC, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS, no MIG) vGPU Profiles Supported: 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB, 24 GB, 48 GB: System Interface: PCIE Express 4.0 x16: Secure and Measured Boot Hardware Root of Trust: CEC 1712: NEBS Ready: Level 3: Power Connector: 8-pin CP vGPU profiles allow the GPU hardware to be time-sliced to deliver exceptional shared virtualized graphics performance (Figure 1). Figure 1. NVIDIA GRID vGPU GPU system architecture. Cisco Unified Computing System . Cisco UCS is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, networking, and storage access. The platform, optimized for virtual environments, is designed using open.

Blog #29 One Size Does Not Fit All: vGPU Profiles CMD

NVIDIA GRID vGPU 1.2 bietet neue vGPUs und damit mehr Leistung als bisher. NVIDIA verspricht eine ähnliche Performance wie mit Pass-Through-Konfigurationen - nur ohne die Nachteile Attach M60_1Q vGPU profile to packaging VM Install NVidia driver version 391.03_grid_win10_server2016_64bit_international on the packaging VM - restart RDP into machine and install VDA 7.15.2000 as HDX 3D Pro - restart Install PVS 7.15.3 Target - restart Install WEM agent 4.6 - restart Use BIS-F to shutdown Finalize the Platform Layer Create Image Template using the OS and Platform Layer. If you now check the Updates section again you should see the NVIDIA vGPU package. Moreover you can run the following command on the console to check if the pack is correctly installed: lsmod | grep nvidia. If everything is correct the output should look like this. When you now open the GPU area of the XenServer it might be possible that still no vGPU Profiles are shown on the right side.

STANDARD PROFILE Nvidia GRID K2 - 2x GK104 GPU - 3.072 Kerne - 8 GB RAM - PCIe 3.0 x16 - Dual-Slot - Ausführung ohne Slotblech. Artikelbeschreibung: Hersteller: Nvidia. Bezeichnung: GRID K2. Steckplatz: PCIe 3.0 (x16, Standard Profile, Dual-Slot) Prozessor: Modell: 2x Nvidia GK104. Kerne: 3.072 Stück

NVIDIA K2 - Not populating GPU profiles - robbeekmansWhy should we deploy GPU's in hosted desktop deploymentsBetter VDI Graphics Through Virtual GPU -- VirtualizationCitrix support VMware vSphere 6 with NVIDIA GRID vGPUNVIDIA Launches Tesla M10 Quad Maxwell Graphics Card - 32
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