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Erfasse Sprachaufzeichnungen von deinen Hörern und füge sie ganz einfach mit der kostenlosen Podcast-App in deine Folgen ein. Anchor ist mit den meisten externen Mikrofonen, Geräten und.. Step 2: Input your podcast's RSS feed URL into Google Podcasts Manager. Visit https://podcastsmanager.google.com; Click Start now and then enter your Anchor RSS feed when prompted for a podcast you own the rights to ; Complete the initial setup flow; After set up, you will be taken to your Google Podcast Manager dashboar GET HEARD EVERYWHERE: Distribute your podcast to the most popular listening platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more—all with a single tap. CREATE WITHOUT..

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  1. Say it all with Anchor Create, distribute, and monetize your podcast—all for free
  2. So much has happened since the debut of The Michelle Obama Podcast—including President Barack Obama, launching a podcast of his own. Renegades: Born in the USA is a series of conversations between the former Commander in Chief and Bruce Springsteen about their lives, their favorite music, and their enduring love of America, despite all its challenges and contradictions. This episode—about fatherhood—is Mrs. Obama's favorite. But they're all terrific. Head to the Renegades: Born in.
  3. The feed in Google Podcasts. The friendly support person at Anchor told me about the problem with the feed after I asked so I logged into my Google Podcast Manager account and lo and behold there was a warning. The show is now being served from a different feed. Data may be partial until the new feed is verified.
  4. Editor's note: this review was updated on June 18, 2020 to fix formatting and update information about Google Podcasts on iOS. Podcast app Anchor shared its data on which apps people use to listen to podcasts. I should start this off with the disclaimer that, yes, I know the app isn't perfect. However, it's as good as Apple Podcasts and better than the podcast interface on Spotify which.
  5. Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free. Skip to main content. by Spotify. Features Switch to Anchor Blog. Sign in Get started. by Spotify. Welcome back to Anchor Free hosting, automatic distribution, easy monetization. Log in. Don't have an account? Sign up instead. Log in. Forgot password? Or log in with:.
  6. Anchor ist die absolut einfachste Methode, einen Podcast zu erstellen- präsentiert von Spotify. Erstelle jetzt deinen Podcast, hoste ihn einfach online und teile ihn auf deinen Lieblingsplattformen, um mehr Zuhörer zu bekommen- alles kostenlos von deinem Smartphone oder Tablet aus
  7. Mit Bewohnerinnen und Bewohnern, die viel zu erzählen haben. Und mit uns - Banny und Anna. Zwei Heimatpatrioten, die Geheimnisse lüften und mit Menschen ins Gespräch kommen wollen. Aber was hat das bloß mit Herrencreme zu tun? Das erfahrt ihr in diesem Podcast

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  1. Google Podcasts Manager. Insights to power your podcast. Get to know your audience better and reach new listeners with Google Podcasts Manager. Start now. See what works, by the second. Dive deep into each episode to see when your listeners tune in—and when they drop off. Understand new listening habits . See how your audience listens across devices like smart speakers, smartphones and.
  2. Anchor ist die wohl bekannteste kostenlose Podcast-Plattform. Ihr Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf mobilem Podcasting, aber Sie können auch ihr Webinterface nutzen, um Ihre Episoden zu bearbeiten und zu verwalten
  3. Anchor uses a proxy email in your RSS feed to protect your personal email from being public. You can change this in your advanced Distribution Settings to proceed with the verification process. You may also be interested in these instructions to access analytics from Spotify for Podcasters / Google Podcasts / Apple Podcasts
  4. Hier finden Sie kurze Podcasts unserer Außendienst-Ausbildung zu aktuellen Themen. Mit wechselnden Gastreferenten wollen wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit geben, Impulse, Ideen oder neue Motivation für Ihr tägliches Tun zu bekommen. Listen on

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Download Anchor - Make your own podcast on PC with MEmu Android Emulator. Enjoy playing on big screen. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, brought to you by Spotify Turn your virtual hangouts into a podcast with Anchor's new video-to-audio conversion Now Anchor makes it possible to turn your video files into podcast-ready audio—so the next time you have a great conversation over Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram Live, or your favorite video chat tool, you can share it as a podcast for everyone to hear. By Anchor. In a time when many of us are isolated. Founded in 2015 by Michael Mignano and Nir Zicherman, Anchor was initially launched as a social audio service for short-form content. The platform was updated in 2018 for the making and publishing of podcasts, and in 2019, Anchor was acquired by Spotify for a sweet $150 million You can find analytics for your podcast under Your Podcast Performance, right on your web dashboard. To improve the depth and dependability of Anchor analytics, we are adding some of Spotify's data points - like age, gender and episode performance - to Anchor analytics. Now you can get even more personalized information on your podcast's performance. You can view the following from your analytics dashboard

Schön, dass du zu meinem Podcast-Kanal gefunden hast! Dich plagt oft das Fernweh und du bist neugierig neue Menschen und ihre Geschichten zu hören Google Podcasts supports only a single <channel> element per feed; if a feed has more than one <channel> element, it won't be processed. Required podcast tags; Recommended podcast tags; Required podcast/channel tags. You must define these RSS tags at the podcast level in order to be eligible to appear in Google Search. Use the appropriate namespace for your tag. Tag or tag type Description. Click ' Settings ' in the top right of your Dashboard, and select ' Distribution '. Scroll down to Advanced Settings, you can toggle on or off ' Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed '. Remember to scroll back up and click ' Save ' to update this change to your RSS feed. After approximately 10 minutes, you can ch eck your RSS feed. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, brought to you by Spotify. Now you can create your podcast, host it online, distribute it to your favorite listening platforms, grow your audience, and monetize your episodes—all from your phone or tablet, for free. A RECORDING STUDIO IN YOUR POCKET: Record audio from anywhere, on any device. Visualize, edit, and arrange your audio segments using. Prerequisites. Your show must either be available on Google Podcasts already, or else it must fulfill the prerequisites to be on Google Podcasts.; You must know the URL of your RSS feed. If you are using a podcast hosting service, such as Libsyn or Anchor, here's how to find your show's feed URL. You must have access to the email listed in the RSS feed in either the <googleplay:owner> or.

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Transistor podcast analytics vs Anchor's stats. True to its mission, Anchor provides simple, easy-to-read stats for its users. Transistor's podcast analytics go into more detail: Our podcast stats will show you: Average downloads per episode, organized by first 7, 30, 60, and 90 days Tutorial de la app Anchor que te permite crear un podcast fácil y rápido desde tu móvil iPhone o Android en 5 minutos y gratis.Además se subirá de forma auto.. Start Podcasting FOR FREE with nothing but Your PHONE. (iPhone or Android)Our audio engineer Studio Steve didn't think it was possible to do it and get any k.. Covering a wide variety of topics such as researched penguins that may have never existed, if dogs can actually smell fear, and so much more, the podcast is made up of things that truly make you appreciate the Google age. Solo host, Abby Norman, has been producing the show since June of 2017 and has accumulated 550 episodes! All about 9 minutes long on average with new ones coming out weekly.

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If you are using a podcast hosting service, such as Libsyn or Anchor, your service may handle the technical aspects of posting your podcasts on Google for you. However, you should read this guide to confirm whether your podcast is on Google, and how you can customize things to perform a bit better on Search Anchor, a podcast-making app owned by Spotify, will now let you take recordings of video calls from Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and more and turn those recordings into audio podcasts. The app. Once your podcast is ready you can then share it on popular podcast-hosting websites including Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Another great sharing feature provided by Anchor is that of transcribed videos. With one click you can generate an automatically transcribed video for any audio segment under 1 minute long ideal for distribution on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and. Anchor. If you've been thinking about creating a podcast to document your experience of the coronavirus pandemic or to discuss important related issues, DIY podcasting platform Anchor may be able.

Podcasts mit Anchor. Mein Youtube-Kanal besteht aus vielen Erklärungen. Deshalb habe ich heute beschlossen, daraus schnell einen Podcast zu machen. Das Adjektiv »schnell« ist hier entscheidend: Ich habe weder Aufnahmegeräte gekauft noch neue Aufnahmen gemacht, sondern einfach mit bestehenden Videos einen Podcast-Feed erzeugt. Ich erkläre hier, wie das geht - und hänge zum Schluss einen. To remove an episode from your show on Google Podcasts platforms: Use either of the following methods: . Add one of the following tags to your RSS feed as a child of the <item> to block. These tags prevent the podcast from appearing in Google Podcasts platforms, but they don't affect the visibility of the host page in Google Search.Removal from Google Podcasts platforms should occur in 3-5 days In the Google Podcasts app. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts . At the bottom, tap Activity Subscriptions. Tap More Add by RSS feed. Enter the feed URL. Tap Subscribe. In your browser. On your Android phone or tablet, go to google.com. At the top left, tap Menu Add by RSS feed. Enter the feed URL. Tap Subscribe Doch Google Podcasts - die App, mit der Podcasts auf dem Android-Smartphone gehört werden können - funktioniert etwas anders als Spotify und iTunes. Lesen Sie auch die Tipps & Tricks für Podcaster - Podcast jetzt bei Spotify anmelden! und Ein Muss für alle neuen Podcasts: Eintrag ins Podcastverzeichnis auf meinem Blog Spotify's $100 million-plus Anchor acquisition is seemingly paying off. In data released today as part of its annual Wrapped look-back on the year, the company says Anchor, which makes podcast.

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Im zweiten Teil sprechen wir mit unserem Gast Marius Pötting im darüber, wie sein Vater unter tränen den Pflug... Weiterlesen. farmcast - der landwirtschafts podcast. folge 128 - Bewegende Landwirtschaft (Teil 2) Play Episode. Pause Episode. Mute/Unmute Episode. Rewind 10 Seconds. 1x Anchor Honored by Google as a Material Design Award Winner. We're honored to be selected as the winner of Google's 2018 Material Design Award for Adaptation at SPAN 2018. Read more→ Cover Art. October 2018. Introducing Anchor's new Cover Art Creator. Now you can instantly create incredible cover art for your podcast through our new partnership with Unsplash and their vast library of. Google Podcasts is as barebones as it gets, but I mean, you don't really need a lot of features if all you're going to do is listen to your favorite podcast, right? In all seriousness, though. On average, Anchor shows are between 3-4 words and 15-20 characters long. Short names roll off the tongue. They're easier to remember and more convenient to say out loud. You'll have an easier time fitting your podcast name on your cover art if it's only a couple of words, and fewer characters ensures that your entire title will render legibly on listening platforms, search engines, and. Looking for info about Google Podcasts? It's a different app. Learn how to get in here or here. To start, here are the basic steps you'll need to follow: Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal (opens in new tab) Click the Add A Podcast Button; Paste in your podcast's RSS feed URL; Click Submit RSS Feed Verify Ownership (uses email in RSS feed) Review your podcast info; Click.

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Michael Mignano, co-founder of Anchor and head of podcast mission at Spotify, says the company is cracking down on copycat podcasts. It's fixing its detection system and human review process to. Anchor - Make your own podcast APK Description. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. It's the only app that lets you record a high-quality podcast, and distribute it everywhere (including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts) - all in one place. No fancy equipment or podcasting experience necessary, and it's 100% free

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Die neueste Folge des Kinderbibel Podcast. Klicke unten rechts auf das Icon, um alle Folgen anzuzeigen. Ob Frage, Lob oder Kritik - wir freuen uns auf Deine Mail an: hallo@kinderbibel-podcast.de. Spotify. Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Anchor FM. Impressum Datenschutz. Fotos: licht-form-arte.de Website: chakkabam.de. Der Kinderbibelpodcast Was glaubst du denn? von Jennifer Julia Lindenberg. Von Anchor aus kommt man auch zu Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts & RadioPublic. Der Podcast mit Stephan und Frank. anchor.fm. #Liebe • A podcast on Anchor. Der Podcast mit Stephan und Frank. Der Podcast mit Stephan und Frank. Hashtag Liebe - Der Podcast mit Stephan und Frank. December 16, 2020 · # Liebe, der Podcast mit Stephan und Frank. Gerne sind wir mit. Here's the RSS feed, all nicely marked-up for Google Podcasts to automatically find it, and for you to submit to other podcast platforms. You can also edit the artwork or the description, if you want to add in your PayPal account or a link somewhere. We did - the description of the pirated podcast links to this article. Email verification is not needed for this, though it is if you want to. Unser Podcast wird auf allen gängigen Podcast - Plattformen bereitgestellt und kann auch kostenlos über die Podcast - App Anchor angehört werden. Du findest uns unter anderem bei: Spotify, Google Podcast und Apple Podcast. Klicke einfach auf das jeweilige Icon und du kommst direkt zu unserem Podcast auf der entsprechenden Plattform

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? The Anchor app makes it easier than ever before to create and distribute a podcast for free. Watch this video.. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. It's the only app that lets you record a high-quality podcast, and distribute it everywhere (including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts) all in. The Israel Daily News Podcast is an energetic roundup of the top 5 news stories coming out of Israel. Each story is delivered by renowned Journalist Shanna Fuld, who makes the news easy to understand and fun to listen to. Shows end with a song from an up-and-coming Israeli artist. On Thursdays, there's an added exclusive report. Plus! You might even have a laugh at some of her quips from the. Anchor's built-in analytics dashboard makes it easy to measure and visualize your podcast performance, and if your show is on Spotify, you can find additional insights about those listeners. This week, two massive Halo nerds run through some of what happened to the film adaptation that never was. Along the way we discuss the Halo video game series, how its' changed over it's nearly 20 year lifespan, and how a young director from South Africa, hand picked by Peter Jackson at the height of his powers, recovered when his first feature film project collapsed, and became District 9

The Data Reaper podcast is a companion piece providing extra insight into the weekly report about the Hearthstone meta found at vicioussyndicate.com. Join us for a deeper dive into the numbers to help you improve your Hearthstone game Το Anchor.fm είναι μία πλατφόρμα που μας επιτρέπει εύκολα και απλά να δημιουργήσουμε το δικό μας podcast. Αφού κάνουμε λογαριασμό στη σελίδα, μπορούμε να ξεκινήσουμε να ανεβάζουμε τα αρχεία ήχου των επεισοδίων του podcast μας Podcasts sind mittlerweile sehr relevant für Suchmaschinen. Bestimmt hast du in Google bereits mal gesehen, dass dort Podcast-Episoden abspielbar sind. Um dort aufzutauchen, brauchst du in Podcasttitel, Episodentiteln und der Autorenbeschreibung relevante Inhalte. Wie das im Detail geht, kannst du in diesem Beitrag ausführlich nachlesen Intelligent but Underachieved Podcast. 1,170 likes · 1 talking about this. Couple of friends having moronic conversations about all things that come across their introverted lives

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Why did we call our podcast 'Drop the anchor'? Well, here we have it. Find out more in EP 1, aptly about how we're going to start this very podcast. ⚓️ Subscribe on Apple, Stitcher, Google and Spotify Dark Room Podcast. 15 likes · 1 talking about this. We are Dark Roommates. Get Ready To Beyond The Darkness... Anchor lets you choose, for example, to publish to All (a total of 11 platforms) or just to Anchor. The 11 platforms are Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts.

GET HEARD EVERYWHERE: Distribute your podcast to the most popular listening platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more—all with a single tap. CREATE WITHOUT CONSTRAINTS: Easily design cover art for your show with Anchor's cover art creator. Gather voice messages from your listeners and easily add them into your episodes. Anchor is compatible with most external. Spotify's Anchor app is adding yet more functionality to help make producing podcasts more accessible. Starting today, you can use the platform to convert your Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, FaceTime. Anchor Down and Listen Up with Max Herz on The Anchor Down Podcast from 102.5 The Game! The Anchor Down Pod features Vanderbilt sports coverage, interviews, and opinion, plus year-round Vanderbilt Baseball coverage. Subscribe for new episodes Mondays & Thursdays, and follow @MaxHerzTalks & @1025TheGame for more

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Arc Podcast. October 18, 2020 ·. What Happened - ข่าวคมนาคม - แอพtaxi ไฮสปีด เที่ยวบินพิเศษลอนดอน - ตุลาคม 2563 - EP20. Podcast ย่อยข่าวคมนาคม ให้ฟังง่ายๆ 10 นาที ในรูปแบบ Podcast. Anchor's tools make it easy to copy podcasts. October 6, 2020 · By James Cridland. · 2.8 minutes to read. Exclusive: Anchor's tools make it easy to copy someone else's podcast without them ever knowing, Podnews has discovered.You don't even need to confirm your own email address to produce a new, pirate podcast feed, hosted by Anchor, that you can publish in other places, with your own. Hören Sie den Podcast. direkt auf dieser Website (mit Anchor.fm), laden Sie einzelne Episoden auf Ihren Computer (von Anchor.fm) herunter oder. abonnieren Sie ihn über Anchor.fm, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts oder Google Podcasts und erhalten Sie automatisch die neueste Episode auf Ihrem Smartphone (dazu müssen Sie die. Dein Account für alles von Apple. Mit einer Apple‑ID und einem Passwort hast du Zugriff auf alle Dienste von Apple. Weitere Informationen zur Apple‑ID. Deine Apple‑ID erstellen ‎Anchor Down and Listen Up with Max Herz on The Anchor Down Podcast from 102.5 The Game! The Anchor Down Pod features Vanderbilt sports coverage, interviews, and opinion, plus year-round Vanderbilt Baseball coverage. Subscribe for new episodes Mondays & Thursdays, and follow @MaxHerzTalks & @1025Th

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Anhören in Apple Podcasts. #seelenplanpodcast Für Dein aussergewöhnliches Leben & einzigartiges Business. Wir helfen Unternehmer/innen, Coaches, Trainer und Therapheuten & Heiler/innen sich in Ihrem Bereich ein erfolgreiches Business aufzubauen. #Mindsetistalles #stixtrixx und alles was Du für das #LebeDeinenSeelenplan #seelenplan brauchst. Anchor, the podcast-making app now owned by Spotify, is launching a feature today that'll make it easier for friends to record shows together from afar. The feature, called Record With Friends 2. Anchor lets you record and publish podcasts from your phone. The audio equivalent of Snapchat now can give your recordings a permanent home. If you haven't heard of Anchor yet, it's an app that. Like its iPhone counterpart, the iPad version of Anchor lets you record, edit, then distribute your podcast anywhere, including iTunes and Google Play Music. The new app is also customized for.

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  1. 7. Google Teacher Podcast. Indiana, United States About Podcast The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning)
  2. Google Podcasts creator program Advisory Committee. The Google Podcasts creator program advisory committee members are global leaders in the industry. Advisors work with PRX to select winning teams, provide one-on-one mentoring, lead or join training sessions, and contribute to creative reviews. New York, New York Co-Chair Jenna Weiss-Berman Pineapple Street Media Co-founder Jenna is the co.
  3. Anchor wird regelmäßig in verschiedensten Umfragen und von unterschiedlichsten Institutionen als eine der besten Wirtschaftskanzleien in Deutschland in den Bereichen Insolvenz, Restrukturierung und Sanierung genannt. Diese Auszeichnungen freuen uns und spornen uns an. Die wichtigsten haben wir hier angeführt. _mehr erfahren
  4. Spotify vs. Apple: Der Podcastkampf ist entbrannt. Spotify reagiert auf die Podcast-Abo-Offensive von Apple - und verspricht mehr Geld für die Podcaster. Zunächst einmal sollen hundert Prozent.

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Spotify bietet unzählige Podcasts an. Die besten bei so einer großen Auswahl zu finden, ist gar nicht so einfach. Deshalb stellen wir Ihnen hier die 7 besten Podcasts rund um Unterhaltung und Wissenswertes vor Streame und lade Podcasts deiner Lieblingsabos und -sender in iTunes. Du kannst auf mehr als 250.000 kostenlose Podcasts zu fast jedem erdenklichen Thema zugreifen An example of Anchor's social podcast videos. Here's a small but very real problem that podcast creators run into: Once an episode is published, the creator probably wants to promote it

After you click Update Cover Art, you can make your podcast live! 4. Submit Your Podcast. The next modal that pops up will tell you that Anchor is submitting the podcast to all of the major directories. Apple Podcasts being the main one, but Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and so on are included, too These podcasts can be listened to directly on Anchor, and also syndicated to iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and other podcast destinations. It's the easiest way to make a podcast ever. OK - I am skeptical about this. Apparently you can turn all of your Wordpress.com articles into a podcast on Anchor.fm. I like Anchor and I am still worried that Spotify has purchased it and others that could share that same space (looking at you Soundtrap.com). So I thought I'd give it a try.

Finde Podcasts mit der Suche, über bekannte Anbieter, die Charts, populäre Themen oder den Kategorien-Baum. 15. 15:: Neue Episoden ‎Streamgestöber - Di... sh:z Audio Snack. kicker News. Lebe mit Gott * Anda... hr2 Doppelkopf. Gesundheit der Zukun... Gesundheit der Zukunft. Der Foto-& Video Pod... AufGAYklärt. EINFACH AUSSTEIGEN -... Besser so - Leben na... Das AE-Team. Das AE-Team. Anchor also has a discovery platform, which allows users to find audio across categories like news, sports, music and tech. The New York-based team is announcing $10 million in Series A funding. Google Podcasts; Deezer; fyyd.de; YouTube; Lizenz. Dieser Podcast steht unter der CC BY 4.0-Lizenz. Der Name des Urhebers soll bei einer Weiterverwendung wie folgt genannt werden: Lukas Opheiden und Dennis Kranz für Eduthek - Der Podcast rund um Medienpädagogik in Bibliotheken. Schlagworte. 12 orbits Anchor Bibfunk Bibliothek Bielefeld Bildung BreakoutEDU Bürgermedien Daddelthek Dieter.

Distribute your podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Google. 14-day free trial . Anchor for Professional Podcasters. What can anchor offer for those who need the full package of features like website integration, social media integration, video hosting, and more? Premium Content . When a podcaster grows, they may want to offer bonus benefits like hidden episodes, ad-free episodes, and early content. Audio app Anchor announced that it now offers distribution to podcast platforms. The burgeoning audio program lets people record short clips onto their phone. Those clips were confined only to the Anchor app, but now users can choose to publish their audio recordings to Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, brought to you by Spotify. Now you can create your podcast, host it online, distribute it to your favorite listening platforms, grow your audience, and monetize your episodes—all from your phone or tablet, for free Hay muchas formas de hacer un podcast. En realidad, un podcast no es nada más que un archivo mp3 (u otro formato de audio). Lo normal es que grabes ese archivo en tu ordenador y lo subas a una plataforma de distribución de podcasts, tal como iTunes, Google Play, iVoox, Spreaker, SoundCloud, etc. Pero también puedes independizarte de esas. Die Podcast-News von podcast.de sind nun auch auf Google News abonnierbar. vor 1 Tag Rezension Kinderpodcasts gegen Langeweile auf Reisen. Die Ferien stehen bevor, viele Familien freuen sich darauf verreisen zu dürfen. Egal ob lange Autofahrt, Flug oder Reise mit dem Zug - diese Kinderpodcasts machen jede Reise z... vor 6 Stunden Meldung Riverside.fm stellt Media Board vor. Der Online-Dienst.

Apple Podcasts. Click to listen >> Spotify . Click to listen >> Stitcher. Click to listen >> Google Play. Click to listen >> What our listeners are saying: Keep the party going with recent episodes: 024. How to Plan Your Entire Week in 30 minutes. 023. How to Add a Digital Product with Megan Martin. 023. Avoid this Facebook Post If you Want Sales and Engagement. 021. 4 Things Your New Team. A review of Anchor - The best way to make a podcast. This week in EC&1 831, we were tasked to find a tool or app that we haven't used before that could be used to make learning visible. After a few discussions in class and Twitter about podcasts, I am eager to look at the podcasting tool Anchor. I really liked how my classmate Jessica.

Tirgziņu Tērzes podkāsts. Mārketinga aģentūras BSMS iknedēļas aplāde ar nozares viedokļu līderiem, kuri dalās ar padomiem, aktuālu saturu un jaunākajām tendencēm As a really quick test, I pulled a quick audio interview with my mom, posted it to Anchor and, within a few days, had the podcast on Spotify, Breaker, Google, RadioPublic and Breaker. The entire.

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Creating an Anchor podcast from your site is free and seamless. After all, you've already got a whole blog's worth of written content to use. With Anchor, all that's left is converting your words into audio, which can be as easy as using your blog to quickly record a text-to-speech version. Blog-to-podcast benefits. Making a podcast out of your blog breathes new life into the work you. Podcasts allow you to expand the audience for your content, as well as the medium in which people experience it. You can automatically convert the text on any post into a podcast on Anchor, the world's latest podcasting platform that is part of Spotify, all at no cost to you. The text-to-speech feature uses technolog anchor.fm - April 23, 2021 April 23, 2021 April 21, 2021 April 20, 2021 April 20, 2021 April 20, 2021 April 19, 2021 April 18, 2021 April 18, 2021 April 18, 2021 April 17, This is Your Golden Ticket to EdTech Tips and Tricks Google Instant Searches and Beyond! by Gold EDU • A podcast on Anchor - Flipboar Bring your podcasts anywhere with Stitcher for iOS, Android, Web, Alexa, and Sonos. See More Features We're More Than an App We're proud to be home to some of the best production talent around -- a team of people who make incredible podcasts for our 3 original networks. And, we not only help our internal creators drive revenue for their shows but also support the larger creator community.

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