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Wireless Pool Solar Thermometer, MEINV Digital Swimming Pool Temperature Thermometer Easy Read, Solar Digital Pool Thermometer Shatter Resistant for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs $13.69 $ 13 . 69 FREE Shippin WIFI pool thermometer and pool tester in one. Measures pH, water temperature, ORP/redox (chlorine) and conductivity / TDS (salt content / water hardness) in your swimming pool. ICO can also be operated in the skimmer and fits under pool covers. This model is suitable for water treatment using chlorine and bromine

Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer Floating Easy Read, Remote Pool... $31.99 Grenf Swimming Pool Thermometer WiFi Solar Wireless Remote Smart Digital.. Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer Floating Easy Read, Remote Pool Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Bath Water, and Hot Tubs. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 344. $30.99. $30. . 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In stock on March 6, 2021 Recommended Wireless Pool Thermometers Ambient Weather WH-31P Waterproof Probe Temperature Sensor. Type of sensor: 10-foot IPX4 Waterproof Probe. Recommended for: Those who want to connect to Ambient Weather's most popular weather stations. Wireless Range: Up to 300 feet line of sight (100 feet under most conditions Ondilo ICO für Salzelektrolyse Pools (Gelber ORP Sensor mit Goldkontakte / optimierte Goldmesszelle für Salzwasser) anstatt oranger (Standard Platinum-Messzelle). W-Lan Poolthermometer und Pooltester in einem. Misst pH-Wert, Wassertemperatur, ORP / Redox (Chlor) und die Leitfähigkeit / TDS (Salzgehalt / Wasserhärte) in Ihrem Swimming Pool. ICO kann auch im Skimmer betrieben werden und.

Most digital pool thermometers these days are wireless (sometimes referred to as remote pool thermometers), meaning they're made up of two separate devices. The sensor, which stays in the water and wirelessly transmits temperature data to a receiver. The receiver, which then receives data from the sensor up to a certain distance from the water The Connected Pool Monitor uses a pH probe, ORP probe, and temperature sensor that are placed permanently in the pool to constantly measure and then assess when pool chemicals need to be added. Based on knowing the pH, ORP, and temperature different algorithms can be used to determine threshold levels of when the water quality is not optimal Gafild Digitales Pool Solarthermometer,solar Floating Pool Thermometer einfach zu lesen und bruchsicheres Thermometer für alle Schwimmbäder, Spas, Whirlpools und Teiche 2,4 von 5 Sternen 142 15,47 € 15,47 Wireless pool sensor technology is the new perfect solution to an age old problem. With live, accurate readings in the palm of your hand, the wireless sensor can measure and record key water readings at any time of the day. Now there is no more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool or when chemicals are due to be added The F700PF wireless pool and spa thermometer is entirely water-proof and effortlessly floats on the surface. The built-in sensor displays and wireless system catches the water temperature range. It then sends it to the display console. The indoor-outdoor thermometer aids in monitoring the air temperature

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Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer Floating Easy Read, Remote Pool Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Bath Water, and Hot Tubs 3.6 out of 5 stars 1,480 $31.99 $ 31 . 9 Pool Temperature Sensor Stay legally compliant with local and state regulations on operating commercial pools and spas by ensuring that pools are safe and ideal for swimming through automated readings, alerts, and continuous wireless monitoring ESP8266 Pool Temperature Monitor MQTT: I always wanted to track the temperature of my pool water and wanted a cheap/easy way to do it. With the power of ESP8266, we can do all kinds of sensors.Since I live working with MQTT, I found a nice MQTT Framework for ESP8266 that works beautifu

Smart home connected pool sensors are not as common as you'd think, but there are some options. For pool owners, monitoring the temperature of the pool coming into, and during, the swimming season is not only useful, but can be important for maintaining the appropriate chemical balance. This is commonly done with conventional thermometer, often one that floats in the pool. When we. I first tried monitoring pool temp with a SmartThings motion sensor in hopes that I could also use it to notify me of motion in the pool. Unfortunately it s.. Amazon.com: Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor With Probe - Coin Cell Powered (900MHz): Computers & Accessories. Monnit wireless sensors allow you to remotely monitor various aspects of your business or home via online connected devices. Configuring Monnit wireless sensors is easy with the free iMonnit online so.

How to Make a Wireless Pool Temperature Sensor #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi Awesome project from Mike via RaspiHub : I decided to build a remote (wireless) pool temperature monitor, using a Raspberry Pi with a waterproof temperature sensor to capture data, and Initial State to stream and analyze that data from the comfort of my own home Does anyone know of a wireless sensor that could either float free in the pool or be attached somewhere on the side that would work with smartthings? I am guessing a multi isn't waterproof so that wouldn't be a good investment . Pool Sensor For Temp. Devices & Integrations. Connected Things. jonallsebrook (Jon Allsebrook) May 21, 2014, 4:20am #1. @twack and I just had a back and forth. Ambient Weather WS-1900 Osprey Solar Powered Wireless Professional Weather Station with Solar Radiation and UV Add to Compare $124.99 Ambient Weather WS-1550-IP Smart Wireless Weather Station with Remote Monitoring and Alerts Add to Compar The Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer includes the in-home receiver with a large backlit display screen that can be wall mounted, and a UV and chemical resistant floating temperature sensor. • Includes indoor receiver, wireless floating pool sensor, screwdriver and tethering cord • Pool thermometer has a transmission frequency of 433MH Für den Pool gibt es zwei grundlegende Formen der Schwimmbad-Thermometer. Hierbei handelt es sich um Funkthermometer und um die klassische Bauweise. Die Funkthermometer ermöglichen den Drahtlosbetrieb. Sie sind vor allem empfehlenswert, wenn man sich eine Installation wünscht, die schnell von der Hand geht. Wie die Schwimmbad-Wasserpflegeprodukte stellt man die Schwimmbad-Thermometer speziell für den Einsatz im Pool her. Damit sie den Belastungen trotzen, nutzt man als Materialien.

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LIZHOUMIL Wireless Pool Thermometer,Digital Floating Water Thermometers Remote Pool Spa Thermometer with LCD Display for Swimming Pools,Bath Water, Spas, Aquariums and Fish Ponds, Hot Tubs. $32.62. $32 AMTAST Wireless Swimming Pool Thermometer Water Temperature Floating Pool Thermometer with Solar Energy for Swimming Pools Spas Hot Tubs Ponds Aquarium Fish Ponds 3.9 out of 5 stars 56 $54.40 $ 54 . 4 These Wireless Temperature Sensors accurately monitor, measure, and record ambient air temperature around the sensor in a range of -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F) Phoenix Sensors pool wireless pressure sensor has been designed for residential and commercial pools to monitor the systems pool pumps pressure and temperature which saves you time and money. Our blue-tooth wireless sensor solution simply plugs into the top of your pool filter and the sensor does the rest. It is a self-powered pool wireless pressure sensor system that communicates via blue. Waterproof Thermometer Probe Sensor: With a 3M/10FT cabled waterproof probe sensor, and can be used to measure temperature in liquids( mainly water) or even bury it in soil or place the sensor into spaces like fridge or swimming pool etc. Live Data on Free APP: requires a GW1000 WIFI Gateway(★★sold separately);After the WIFI configuration, the live multi-channel temperature data can be.

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  1. g pool, with a sand filter. The filter occasionally needs to be backwashed, when the sand has filtered a lot of dirt from the water. The filter has a pressure gauge on the top, providing a PSI reading. The pressure reading is used to deter
  2. Vind en vergelijk producten van de beste merken en retailers bij ProductShopper. Vergelijk de prijzen voordat je koopt. Vind de beste deals bij ProductShopper
  3. g Pool Thermometer. Monitor your pool temperature from inside your house. Put the floating themometer in your pool. You can see the temperature of the pool on the large digital display on the floating unit. The floating unit beams a signal back to the base station in the house so you can see what the temperature is from.
  4. I had a few TMP36 temperature sensors lying around so I have used one for this project. The TMP36 provides a simple analog voltage output proportional to the temperature. It has a temperature range of -40 C to 125 C with an accuracy of around 1 deg. Current draw is stated at less than 50uA and less than 0.5uA when in shutdown mode if you have a version that supports that. The 3pin TO-92 type.

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Because it is wireless, you can check your pool temp right from the comfort of your couch. It also provides readings on outside air temperature and humidity. The outside unit runs on solar power with a battery backup. The inside unit has an AC power cord that comes with it as well. Accuracy is about five degrees off on average. The device does offer a very wide temperature reading, so you. Phoenix Sensors is a US based privately held sensor company who designs, manufactures, and distributes OEM pressure sensors , temperature sensors, wireless sensors, position sensors, humidity sensors , custom cable assemblies, and custom PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). We customize sensor, cable assemblies, and PCB solutions for a variety of markets Übersicht FT-Sensoren (Pool-, Kühlschrank-, Temperatur/Luftfeuchtesensorik) Zusätzliche Sensoren erhältlich Die Froggit FT-Serie kann mit bis zu 8 Funksensoren verbunden werden. Sie haben die Wahl: F007TL Funk Thermo-Hygrometer Sensoren (Temperatur & Luftfeuchte) FT007PF Funk Pool- Teichsensoren; FT007TK Kühlschrank Funksensor inkl. Kabelsonde; FT007PF: Funk Poolsensor für Froggit. water temperature via wireless pool sensor (100 mm measuring depth) max/min values; dew point; low battery indicator; table stand and wall mount; extra/spare external sensor: WSTR25: LA CROSSE - SPARE TEMPERATURE SENSOR FOR WS9068 ; Specifications. base: colour: black; dimensions: 94.6 x 157 x 20 mm; power consumption: 2 x 1.5 V AAA LR03: HIGH-ENERGY ALKALINE AAA / LR03 1.5V-1100mAh 4903.121.

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Sensors and wireless monitoring systems help monitor conditions in real-time. Be notified when things go out of range so you can respond instantly Easy to set up wireless floating sensor transmits the status of your water to your PC, Mac or Smartphone taking the guess-work out of maintaining your pool or spa. 24/7 monitoring of pH, sanitizer and temperature tells you exactly what chemical and how much to add eliminating unhealthy spikes and dips. Alerts you when your water needs attention. A sensor to measure temperature and humidity -> DHT11; A microcontroller to process the data -> ATMega328p; A way to send this wireless -> 433MHz RF module . The receiver: I want: A way to receive the RF signal -> 433MHz RF module; A way to process the received data -> Arduino Mega; A way to display the temperature and humidity -> 16x2 LCD ; Schematic diagrams Transmitter (click for larger. 6 Best Wireless Pool Thermometers Comparison Table. 1. Ambient Weather WS-20 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer (Top Pick) Editor's Rating: 4.7/5.0. The most annoying thing about traditional pool thermometers is the fact that you have to take them out of the pool to see the temperature Wireless Temperature sensors are currently being developed for a number of OEM applications. With a wide temperature range, Wireless sensors can be used to remotely monitor Pool pressures and notify customers when the pool filters need cleaning, or when there is a potential problem with the Pool Pump System. When used properly, it can save users hundreds of dollars on pool equipment.

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Temperature sensors and temperature probes, such as RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and even wireless temperature measurement are successfully implemented in various applications. These range from room temperature measurement in building management all the way to high temperature measurements in furnace construction Wireless sensor tags connect events in physical world, e.g. motion, door/window opened/closed, temperature or humidity exceeding limits, to your smart phones, tablets and any Web browsers anywhere in the world with Internet access. An event is instantly received on all devices (unless you configure it not send to some). through push notification, no messaging charges apply. The wireless sensor.

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  1. Rigid High Temperature Sensor The Rigid High Temperature Sensor has a temperature range of 0 °C to +400 °C with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C (in range 0 °C to +400 °C). It can be used for various applications within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and is especially ideal for extremely high temperature applications, such as the validation of ovens, autoclaves and smoke houses
  2. Digital thermometers have the advantage of being able to send and record data automatically and many are able to accept the inputs from multiple temperature sensors. This feature allows for the addition of specialized thermometers, such as those with temperature probes allowing you to monitor a pool or hot tub. A remote indoor thermometer can also be used to monitor wine cellar temperature or.
  3. 2.3 Sensor Placement Place the sensor in the pool or spa within 100 feet of the display console (Figure 9, reference A). Avoid transmitting through solid earth or ground (Figure 9, reference B). Use a tether (string) to fix the sensor in the pool or spa. Place the console at least three feet away from computers, TVs and wireless phones
  4. Phoenix Sensors > Datasheet & Software Downloads. ACCELEROMETERS. WEAS-180-1 Wireless Accelerometer Sensor Datasheet. BLE SOFTWARE MANUALS. WEXS-10-BLE Software * Manual. * This manual is for our WEXS-10-BLE software, which we sell for $99. It is not for the standard free BLE Software. HUMIDITY SENSORS. WEHS01-1 Wireless Humidity Sensor Datasheet
  5. The wireless device shows temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius. Pros. Comes with a built-in clock and hassle-free installation; Has a small display in large digits ; Comes in a beautiful, sleek and contemporary design; Remote sensors transmit signals for 200ft; Manual time function with Celsius and Fahrenheit display Cons. The outdoor sensor is not sealed or waterproof; Doesn't work.

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UbiBot WS1 Pro WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor,Wireless Temperature Monitor, Freezer Thermometer,Remote Data Logger with Alerts, IFTTT Hygrometer, Free Android & iOS App(2.4GHz WiFi only) 4.1 out of 5 stars 96. $149.99 $ 149. 99 ($104.89/100 g) Get it by Tomorrow, Jun 15. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More buying choices $147.99 (2 new offers) ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer. Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Floating Pool Thermometer Water Temperature Pool Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Whirlpools, Spas, Bath, Indoor and Outdoor . 3.8 out of 5 stars 223. £32.99 £ 32. 99. Get it Tomorrow, Jun 15. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Newentor Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor Wireless, Digital Home Weather Stations Forecast, Temperature Indoor Outdoor. 4.5 out of 5 stars 526. £42. About this project. We are showing how to use DS18B20 one wire water proof temperature sensor. With the help of DS18B20 one wire temperature sensor we can measure the temperature from -55℃ To 125℃ with accuracy of ±5 . If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and.

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  1. g Pool Outdoor/Indoor Baby Bathing, Hot Tub, Spa, Jacuzzi Pond Water Sensor (Shark) 4.2 out of 5 stars 7. $15.99 $ 15. 99. FREE Shipping. Water Temperature Thermometer Pool Thermometer,Swim
  2. POOL SENSOR ROOF TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER POWER - 230V MIN. ROOF-MOUNTED SOLAR POOL HEATING. To simplify this diagram, the Collector area (A) is shown as a block of solar tubes. In your solar system, these tubes could be part of a Flexible Strip system or a Rigid Panel system. OFF AUTO TEMP SET ON MAN RCM 5209 240VAC/50Hz/10A SOLAR SunSwitch POOL HEATING OPTION 1: For pools with separate solar.
  3. al values (e.g. Pt100 and Pt1000), and with an annual production of several million, JUMO is one of the leading suppliers globally. The high-quality platinum temperature sensors in thin film technology ensure excellent accuracy, long-term.
  4. yoona jacuzzi spa wireless pool thermometer lowes seeed inflate spa large pool thermometer sauna stainless wireless temperature sensor alarm home system intex pool termometer skmei bluetooth thermometer. Hot Search. 36 chuck 36 charm 5 cm lcd 5 cm lid 36 coils x3 nails 36 b led 36 bezel 36 bench. This product belongs to Home, and you can find similar products at All Categories, Security.
  5. The ALTA wireless water temperature sensor use a 3 foot (other length options available) external water sealed sensor probe to measure temperatures in water or non-combustible liquids. Perfect for monitoring temperatures in water storage tanks, pools, aquariums and natural wet-life environments. User customization allows you to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set conditions.

SwarmTemp sensors are WiFi, can connect via 4G cellular wireless, NSF listed, NIST Tracelable & battery powered providing real-time temperature alerts via text, email or voice call. SwarmTemp is sealed, tamper proof & requires no cables, no buffering, no probes, no outside cabinet mounting. NIST Traceable Sensor- View Wireless Temperature Humidity And Temperature Sensor Wireless TZ-BT04 Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor. US $10.00-$15.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) 14 YRS Tzone Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 94.6%. 4.8 (10) Contact Supplier. Ad. 1/6. Wireless Temperature Monitor Temperature Humidity Monitor Bluetooth Thermometer Wireless Pool Temperature Humidity And Temperature Monitor. US $10.00-$20. • Swimming pools • Aquariums Many additional applications. Industry leading 25 month NIST certified product included on leaded temperature sensors. The ALTA Wireless Water Temperature Sensor uses a sealed, type NTC thermistor with 3 ft lead wires to measure water temperature. • Accurate to ± 1° C (± 1.8° F) • Increased accuracy by user calibration to ± 0.25° C (± 0.45° F. Established in 2010, Inkbird is specialized in manufacturing and selling home automation products like temperature controllers, humidity controller, digital timer etc. If you like our products, you can directly buy them in this store. If you have any question about our products, welcome to contact us Vigilant LilyPad is a WiFi-enabled Smart Pool Thermometer with a UV Sensor The smart pool thermometer can help you decide when it's the best time to take a dip. January 21, 2015 Rachel Cericola 7.

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  1. This tutorial will show you how to set up the 1-wire DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor on your Raspberry Pi. Connect multiple sensors to the Pi using just one pin
  2. MultiWave® 5-Circuit Wireless Receiver. Ideal for adding to an existing enclosure installation. Works with PA122 water temperature sensor and 178PA28A freeze (air temperature) sensor. Communicates with variable-speed pumps, chlorinators, and water temperature sensors. Ideal for upgrading from any Intermatic mechanical timer
  3. Track ambient temperature and humidity, power outages, and water leaks in remote properties 24/7. Receive immediate alerts and take preventive action before damage is done. Preset custom trigger points for temperature and humidity. Real-time reporting and alerts via text, call, or email. Monitor for water leaks with the addition of the SPuck
  4. Temperature sensors Wireless Remote Controls (if applicable) Base Station (if applicable) Valve actuators (if applicable) 3 USE ONLY HAYWARD GENUINE REPLACEMENT PARTS 2. Plumbing (page 5) General Pool Equipment 3. Electrical Wiring (page 6) Grounding OnCommand control power High Voltage pool equipment Low voltage wiring (temperature sensors, heater, etc.) 4. OnCommand configuration (page 15) 5.
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The best model for measuring the temperature and humidity in multiple locations is the Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer. It supports up to eight sensors, including a pool sensor, which makes it perfect for larger homes or situations where you want to monitor multiple areas. The WS-10 includes three remote sensors, and five additional sensors can be added. Plus, there is an. Wireless range up to 165 feet (50 meters) Transmits data every 30 seconds. Durable, all-weather construction - perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Easy installation includes integrated hanger. In stock. SKU 06009RMA1. Model 00606TX, 11120-606TX, 06009RM, 06009RMA1. Replacement Temperature Sensor. $12.99 ORIA Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with 3 Wireless Sensors, Temperature Humidity Monitor Meter Gauge with LCD Backlight (White) 4.4 out of 5 stars 254. $43.99 $ 43. 99. Get it by Friday, Jun 18. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Only 4 left in stock. Taylor Precision Products 1730 Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer with Remote, Black, one Size. 4.4 out of 5 stars 137. $28.

S272CD Online Process pH Sensor Extended lifetime, static design with integrated cable assembly, flat surface self-cleaning design resists breakage, no solution ground LEARN MORE NEW High Performance Contacting Conductivity Sensor Sensorex's Smart Sensors Durable under high temperatures, high accuracy, repeatability, multiple cell constants for a wide range of applications Sensorex's Smart. Elertus Smart Sensor. Highlights. WiFi Connectivity - Sensor measures: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Movement. No service fee - add up to 5 people to one account for alerts, etc. Runs on two AA batteries (expected to last 1 year) Quick Links

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Wireless Thermometer with Sensor Model 00734 Acu-Rite instruments are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements. Before setting up the thermometer, please read these instructions thoroughly. Included with this wireless thermometer kit are wall mounting supplies, the LCD display (main unit) and the remote wireless sensor (sensor unit). Additional sensors can be purchased at . www. OVERVIEW. The AcuRite 06009RM Wireless Temperature Sensor has a built-in thermometer to measure indoor or outdoor environmental conditions. The sensor features a compact size and weather-resistant design. The AcuRite 06009RM may also be purchased as a replacement sensor. Important Note: There are different sensor models available I've set the app to inform me if the temperature drops under 10 of goes over 20. I installed heat lamps attached to hive wireless plugs so when it's too hot I can wirelessly turn off the heat. I highly recommend them for what I use them for. In the pack is a little double sided sticker used to secure it. I found that it's not the best and so I.

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  1. Pool or Spa Heater, Solar and up to 15 auxiliary circuits. Requires: 2 Power Centers AquaLink RS8 Sub Assemblies 7964RLY OneTouch™ Pool Only/Spa Only (White) $_____ PDA-P8 Wireless PDA Pool Only/Spa Only $_____ Systems Include: Control Panel,1 Power Center PCB w/bezel, 2 Temperature Sensors and 4 additional 3HP relays. Controls Filter Pump
  2. g season
  3. The XW-110 is an easy-to-use wireless temperature sensor with a built-in web server. Users can view current temperature using a web browser, smartphone app, or the XW-110 can send temperature information via email. The XW-110 can be easily and quickly mounted to a wall or any other workable surface. Temperature Sensors
  4. /max remote thermometer or a data logger to store large amounts of data, we have the perfect model for you. Can't find what your looking for simply give us a call or you can fill out our contact us form
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Price: $29.99. Oregon Scientific THN132N Wireless Temperature Sensor. Price: $24.99. Save $5 On Ground Shipping. Weather Display Weather Monitoring Software for Oregon Scientific. Price: $60.00. Oregon Scientific PCR800-OEM Wireless Rain Gauge for Professional Weather Stations - Not In Retail Packaging. Price: $69.99 Temperature sensors. JUMO offers a comprehensive range of platinum temperature sensors with different nominal values (e.g. Pt100 and Pt1000), and with an annual production of several million, JUMO is one of the leading suppliers globally. The high-quality platinum temperature sensors in thin film technology ensure excellent accuracy, long-term. POOL HEA TING Roof Temp Sensor - 00 can indicate something has happened to the R of T emp S n sr ad it is cl e to opn c ircut. Set Temp Button - 00 can also indicate that the button has been depressed for too long and the system needs to be re-calibrated. Roof Temp Sensor reading too high. Roof Temp Sensor d amged and cl ose to sh rt c icut VAC pool equipment like lights, water features, pumps and more. Power to the intended load must be supplied separately and run through the Smart Relay. Smart Relays are rated for up to 20 amps at 230 volts. Temperature Sensors Depending on your installation, up to 3 temperature sensors may be used. The VS Omni require Temperatursensoren werden eingesetzt, um die richtige Temperatur eines Produktes in der Lebensmittel-, Getränke- und Pharmaindustrie sicherzustellen. In Werkzeugmaschinen und in der Automobilindustrie ist die Temperatur bzw. die Temperaturdifferenz an Antrieben, Getrieben oder Motoren ein wichtiger Indikator für den Maschinenzustand. In der Stahl-, Metall- und Glasindustrie dient die.

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Most wireless cloud-connected temperature sensors sold require some sort of recurring fees or software charge. The downside to Bluetooth and Zigbee temperature sensors are only good for 30 to 100 feet range, and much less when you stick them in a refrigerator appliance. If you want range, take a look at Blulog. It is sold by a company called BluLine Solutions. Their Blulog RF long range. Oregon Scientific temperature sensors can be placed in remote locations and wirelessly transmit the remote sensors temperature to the display. Need to monitor the temperature or just plan for the day? Shop for an Oregon Scientific Wireless Thermometer! Sort By: Products per page: Viewing Page 1 of 1 . Oregon Scientific BAR206S / BAR206SA Wireless Weather Forecast Temperature Station - Color. Temperature sensor: firmware. Please find the firmware under the tempSensor folder on the github repository. I am using the same firmware for two components of this mesh home project: for this remote sensor and for the pool sensor. Please open the folder with the Particle WorkBench

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